Enchanted Visions Resuming Activity

   At the end of this month, Enchanted Visions Project's renovated site will go live and our first theme for October 2012 after the summer 2012 hiatus will be due.  The theme is "New Beginnings", and I'm glad I managed to get it done well ahead of the deadline ... for a change. ^^;  The summer break was good for me since I had tons of work (all commissions) to do and I still have work left to finish.  It would have been difficult to squeeze in a theme so I won't be put into the archive.  The new rule states that is a member is inactive for 3 months, her work will be stored in the archives in a separate area of the site.  This is good to encourage all members to stay active and keep creating, which is, after all, the purpose of the project.  There were a lot of members who fussed to get involved, only to produce no work in over a year.  These members were officially purged as we went through the member e-mails list this summer.

"New Beginnings", October 2012 theme for Enchanted Visions Project.

   I had fun with the red and gold color scheme and all that sparkles. XD  It's fun to go from finishing up a Mexican piece ("Las Calaveras") and moving onto a Chinese piece.  I think my next piece will be something different with animals. ^^  I'm going to try to finish it before the end of the month to meet a certain deadline.


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