Pencil Sketch for the New EV Theme

The Enchanted Visions Project will reopen with a newly redesigned web site and a new theme for October, 2012, after a summer hiatus.  As both the head administrator and myself (the humble assistant administrator) are volunteers who divide our time with many roles --a  mother, a wife, a working artist, and a volunteer -- the summer hiatus, which coincides with our children's time-off from school, is a much-needed break and a necessity.

I, for one, did not get around this summer to knock a single old theme off the list of remaining old themes.  I still have 5 old themes that I would eventually like to tackle (And I am not leaving the "stock photo" theme, since I just am not interested, and do not like to be dictated about a pose and a subject matter.).

I am going ahead and getting started on the October theme without waiting till the last minute.  I have a few other images I would like to get done before this month is up, so this is no time for procrastination. ^^;

The October's theme is "New Beginnings" as we, as a group, start fresh for the 2012~2013 season.  I decided to take the inspiration from China this time for the theme.  I love the red wedding dresses the Chinese brides wear because the color red is the lucky color with so many good things associated with it.  (White, on the other hand, is associated with the dead in the Chinese culture, as in many other areas of the world.).  I also really like the ornate headdress.  Gold is often paired with the red for a delightfully rich and vibrant visual effect.  As I am an amateur Feng Shui enthusiast, I adore the red and gold, for these are a very positive, highly energetic colors.


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