Another ACEO Commission

One of my favorite types of commissions is my Sprites series. :D  Whimsical and adorable, the small size of the ACEO fits perfectly with these wee ones from the plant realm.  I love the creative challenge it brings to the table.  Some flowers are more easily incorporated into a humanoid design than others.  I love brainstorming the character design when the shape and nature of a particular type of plant makes it a little difficult -- like tulip, broccoli, and corn.  But I'm happy to say that I've had fun with them all.

This new commission was for another active member at my "Stamps by AuroraWings" FB group.  She had asked me to create for her a Petunia Sprite.  Petunias are one of my favorite annuals for their bright colors, reliable performance throughout the season, and ease of care. :D  Really, they bloom day after day for a prolonged period once they get going.  I think I've had petunias in my garden or window boxes for as long as I've gardened.

"Petunia Sprite" ACEO in ink & watercolor on bristol vellum (140 lb.)
They come in an amazing array of colors and new varieties are developed constantly.  My client asked for red and purple scheme.  And this little baby was born. :D  I originally drew her in a flower dress, but thought a tunic and the pants would be cuter. (I love these pants I put some of my sprites in!)

Since my client was a stamp enthusiast (both rubber and digi), so I asked if she'd be interested in the digi version.  Of course, she was.  And a permission to make the digi available in the shop was obtained.

Partially colored sample/preview of "Petunia Sprite"
I think this baby will be so much fun for colorists to play with.  I would love to do some variations on a theme myself.  I've had a beautiful pot of soft yellow petunias that I adored, and fuchsia, purple, and soft lavender are also my favorite petunia colors.   We are so ready for the spring and warm weather, and FLOWERS!!  Once my garden starts to have spring blooms, I know I'll be bitten once again with the urge to draw more of these Flower Sprites. ^_^


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