Abundance - rough sketch

Back to my old tricks. lol Lots of detail on this next one. I need to try to finish it by Saturday to make the deadline for the Enchanted Visions. Inking over this to clean up the lines will be the most time-consuming part, and once that is done, coloring will go fast, I think. This time, I already have a color scheme in mind for a change. :D

The EV theme for this month was "Abundance". If you know anything about feng shui, you'd recognize some classic symbols/items that are said to attract abundance -- goldfish (um, yeah, they're the 'flying' types here) for wealth, peony (one of my favorite flowers to draw) for beauty and love, peaches (in her hand and on her lap) for longevity. And there's nothing quite like giving and sharing of your good fortune to bring more of the same.

Anyway, this should be a fun one to draw and paint. :D


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