Yukionna WIP 2

This project got put on hold for a week while my family had an eventful week -- orchestra concert, carnival, volunteering project, school picnic, etc. It was a typical 'end of the school year' week and it continues this week, the final week of my daughter's middle school life. Anyway, back onto the project now that I don't have an active part in any of the remaining events. ^_^

I expect this to be a relatively quick one, judging from the lack of fine detail and overall simple color scheme. I am going for something much simpler (even sparse) this time, while I go for the forlorn feeling of the character. As far as I know, she doesn't have a fellow snow demon to live with and only appears in the cold darkness of winter snowstorm. Of course, she is a demon that kills humans, but I can't help but imagine what a lonely being she must be...

Next project will be for the Enchanted Visions Project's monthly theme of "Abundance". I have a vague 'impression' of a vision in my mind, but I know by the time I'm done putting the sketch down on the paper, it will be filled with my usual level of details. ^^;


  1. I assume your demon got a lot of work shall we say done this past winter as a result of all the snow storms this year. I would never have guessed she was a demon as she is so delicate. All your work is so beautifully delicate its breath taking.

  2. Thank you for your comment, ElmaBree! :D


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