Wisteria WIP

This is the line art for a piece tentatively titled "Wisteria". This will be a gift for a friend on deviantART who caught my 70,000th page view back in... maybe October, 2010. I take request for color scheme and flower of choice for these kiribans and she requested wisteria in violet hues. Took me a while to get started on this after several pencil sketches that didn't get me really excited. I think it also helped to see real wisteria vines in bloom. Nothing like engaging all the senses to inspire and motivate. ^^;

This one will have shades of purple, lavender, blue, maybe a bit of pink -- the kind of colors I really enjoy and naturally gravitate towards. I had the vision of a delicate wisteria fairy with damselfly wings when I was looking at my wisteria in bloom in my garden. I like the transparent wings of dragonfliess and damselflies that have aurora glimmer. I'm looking forward to painting that!!


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