"Yukionna" is finished. I wanted to keep this as simple as possible in terms of color scheme and elements involved. I'll most likely draw something really detailed next. It's just that I like to mix things up. I'm not the type who can paint the same thing/face with the same approach over and over. I would like to get a series of paintings in the theme of Japanese folklore demons and eventually expand to other countries' tales.

I love Japanese kimono textile from all eras. I enjoy researching them and studying them closely. Characters/subjects like "yukionna" and "jorougumo" allow for the exploration of designs on the patters of the garment. It's probably my single most enjoyable aspect of painting this type of images.

EDIT (May 30, 2011): This piece has received a TBA (Today's Best Award) over at Zazzle.com, making it the third in my five latest pieces. I'm on a roll. :D


  1. its beautiful! such a delicate style :)
    i have to ask though, from seeing the line art down below, id automatically assume this is a digital piece...?

  2. Thank you, plantie. ^^ Most of my work, including this one, is a combination traditional (lines) and digital (color).


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