The Bloodless Version Gets a TBA

This is the 'bloodless' or the 'rated G' version of the "Steampunk Dark Angel".  When I was working in the Riff file in Corel Painter, I made sure that the blood stains had its own separate layer as much for the ease of working as for the creation of alternate version later.  When this baby was in a WIP phase, one of my licensees already expressed interest in turning it into different products, and I was thinking at that point that blood is not everyone's *ahem* cup of tea. XD   Most of the time, it turns me off, too. ^^;   I love the convenience of digital art for things like this.

Today's Best Award at Zazzle!


  1. WOW! this is BEAUTIFUL! I can't decide witch version I love better, maybe its a tie. Mitzi, there a lot of talented artist out there, but the more I view your art, the more I believe you ARE the best I have seen. God blessed you with unbelievable talent!


  2. Mary, this has got to be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my art!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment. You totally made my day (maybe even a week and the next month!). I'm speechless. *hugs*


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