"Freyja" Line Art

I've been wanting to do some kind of Freyja/Freya picture for some time.  I had my mind made up that she would have to be pictured with her two cats that pull her chariot ever since I came across that bit of information about her.  It is speculated that the cats are most likely the Norwegian Forest Cats since they're big with water-proof coat and snow-shoe-like giant paws.  Any cat fan can imagine that they would be perfect for such duty as pulling a chariot or a sled.

I did the usual research into Freyja and got a little confused since she is many things at different times -- Queen of the Valkyries, Goddess of Love (spring, fertility, etc. etc.), shape-shifting sorcerer, etc.  Image search also confused me as she is depicted both as a blonde and as a red head... sometimes in toga-like drapery, sometimes nearly naked, and sometimes in warrior armor.

I decided to go with the Warrior Goddess look since I'm kind of in a groove from the "Steampunk Dark Angel" which looked like she could be a warrior girl.  I think this one kind of looks like Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox (Angelina Fox then?) for some reason, must be those eyes with those pouty lips.  XD  I think this piece will break me out of the 'golden' phase finally.  I have blonde hair, blue eyes, silver armor, falcon cloak, silver (most likely tabby) cats planned for this image.  It should be fun to color. :D  (The more I look at this line art, the more I think her kitties are about to bro-fist. LOL XDD)


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