"Steampunk Dark Angel" Conceptual Sketch

The working title of this is "Steampunk Dark Angel", but I have the old theme from the Enchanted Visions Project "Darkness Falls" in mind.  Every now and then, I hear from people, "I'm curious to see what your 'dark' piece would look like...".  I often feel that there are plenty of people doing 'dark' work and it's nothing more than a curiosity to see how a different approach, a new angle, a new theme would feel like.  But then again, variety is the spice of life!

Ever since my childhood, growing up in Japan, I have always had a strong dislike for most anything mechanical with the strongest dislike toward things like Transformers.  Long before Transformers movies came out, in Japan we had one anime series after another in the 'mecha' genre with huge robots doing battles.  No, I couldn't get into it.  Steampunk has that mechanical thing going on, although it's not the futuristic giant robot kind.  And because of that, I've kind of stayed away from it (not to mention how a lot of people have been doing it also...).

This time though, when I thought about doing a 'dark' piece, I didn't want to do vampires (Haven't we had enough of that already?) or macabre (It's interesting how blood and gore lose its fascination after not too many images of the same old same old... like on deviantART's Daily Deviations.) per se, since these themes just aren't interesting to me.  And as many other artists are pumping out works in these genres, I don't think anyone is missing out on anything if I refused to jump on the bandwagon.  So instead, I thought, "Well, how about a steampunk with a tiny twist of 'dark' then?"

Finally, that got my ideas flowing.  This is the second sketch I did on the idea.  The first idea was so huge, it couldn't fit on a sheet of paper 8.5 x 11". XD  I like the look of detached impudence on this girl's face rather than a killer glare of death.  The wing detail was actually fun to sketch, although I was too lazy for the second wing.  I think you get a pretty good idea of where this is going without the second wing drawn in there.


  1. I'm glad you decided to give this a try. I think it will be brilliant! Love the anticipation of seeing something a bit different (but still with your style.)

  2. Hi, Amy. I'm so glad you're glad. :D I'm liking this sketch so far. The character design originally had a cool owl aviator mask, but I couldn't fit her legs or wings onto the original paper. I redid the sketch with a completely different pose so the whole wings can fit in the picture, but then I decided to show her face. XD I didn't sketch it in, but I envisioned some blood on this for the final piece. :D

  3. steampunk! gah and i had a sketch planned out for my steampunk character to be standing with mechanical wings... well! you beat me to the punch missy and done it so so well!
    im so excited to see how you make the details on the mechanical wings - and the sortve colors you use :D fanstic
    variety is the spice of life and i think youre more than talented enough to pull off just about any genre ^^ cant wait to see how this turns out!

  4. Ahhh, but since there are many characters with mechanical wings out there, you should do yours, too. ^^ I'd love to see it.

    Thanks for the encouragement!!


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