Steampunk Dark Angel

Is finally finished. ^^;  This one had more details -- tedious details which actually required my attention rather than the usual 'fill in every bit of space with random flowers' -- so it took longer and I actually used a few more layers than my usual 6 or 7 (which is still really low compared to many digital artists).

This one's stylishly violent (^^; lol) with violence implied through the depiction of blood, weaponry (scythe-like wings and a knife she's holding), fire, plus dark, ominous sky (-- a must for an impending doom).  This was my original 'vision' that I had for this piece when the line art was completed.  The practical side of me insisted creating an extra layer for the blood splatters so that if my licensee objects to blood in this picture (including the little cut on her cheek), I can easily remove it and make a whole new "bloodless" file. ^^

I will be posting a larger version on dA and Shadowness in a bit.  The details are totally shrunk to oblivion at this size.  For example, there are etchings on the upper wings and her knife has a design on the handle... the typical Mitzi details. :D


  1. i must say i can get ridiculous with layers...ill head around 70-90 without breaking a sweat before a piece is done so 6 or 7 is an amazing feat :P
    youve done an amazing job, especially on the shine affect on her wings imo they look very sharp hehehe! this was for a project of some sort wasnt it?

  2. I know, right? Majority of digital artists use dozens of layers and I'm definitely on a stingy end of the spectrum when it comes to number of layers. When I do anime fan art, there are usually far more layers, but when I do my 'watercolor-look' pieces, I tend to minimize. I actually had a traditional artist ask me "Why so many layers?" once, which made me laugh. XDD

    Thanks!! The highlighting ('shine effect' as you called it) was the most fun part in the whole thing for me. :D Yep, this is for one of the existing themes at the Enchanted Visions Project called "Darkness Falls". With this one done, I have only 6 themes left (one of which I don't think I'll ever do).

  3. Haha!Now I am stalking both you and Plantie Bee on Google Blogger! :p Since I know nothing of "layers" I cannot understand her comments. But I do know this is great and expertly done work.

  4. Thanks, Garapan. ^^ Yep, we don't have to know about layers to enjoy digital paintings. :D


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