"Christmas Fairy - Blue" WIP

I started the blue and silver version of the "Christmas Fairy" after playing around a lot with the tube version of her (courtesy of Lisa Cree at PSP Tube Stop) and made a whole bunch of holiday merchandise.  I'm afraid they may not be seen nearly as much coming into the marketplace this late in the season, but it was fun, and Christmas never goes out of style, so if not this year, the'll be good for next year and beyond. :D

Looks like this one will have ... wouldn't you know... 'aurora wings'! XD  I was originally going to give her some kind of drawn background, but when I took her out of my scanner where it's been sitting (since I worked on the red and green version), I realized how little space this picture has left.  The fairy is definitely bigger than usual because I was primarily making the lines for the holiday digi download and for the holiday tube in mind -- not at all the same approach as my usual fantasy work.

After this blue version is finished with, I'm going to tackle Enchanted Visions' "Circe" (I think I've already complained that I didn't really like this theme...).  But hey, Lisa at Enchanted Visions gave me the opportunity to pick the next theme and I've been told that the supreme mistress of EV, Amy Brown, has approved my idea, so I'm going to be looking forward to tackling that one. :D  (I'm not going to blurt it out on my blog though.  The official monthly e-mail has not gone out yet. ^^; )


  1. Wow...your work is gorgeous! So happy I managed to find you here in the lovely blogger world. <3


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