Rough Sketch of "Circe"

I've done 3 scribble sketch (That's what I call my pencil roughs.) on the theme of "Circe".  I couldn't decide that I liked my angle of approach on this one.  Usually, when the theme is announced for Enchanted Visions Project, I have a mental picture that pops up, and all I have to do is go after it.  This one gave me no such idea.  So as usual, I did a bit of research online, and got the basic story on Circe.  I knew I'd have to put an animal for sure, plus some kind of drug/potion reference to capture the essence of the character/story of Circe.

I thought about doing a harem of pigs, but instead decided on a lion because it's easy to convey that it's a male because of their manes, unlike other animals.  And I found the poisonous/medicinal plant 'angle' agreeable since I love to draw flowers and leaves, and they're great as 'space fillers'. XD  So, here's my rough sketch for "Circe", with her looking as if to say, "I am not impressed...", which is probably the attitude she had for all the men who came to visit her.

The deadline is the 15th.  I think I can get this done by then. :D


  1. oh! i didnt know there was a deadline :O good thing i finished my painting this weekend then :/
    i love her facial expression, i think its perfect, and the lion looks spot on in my opinion!
    really look forward to seeing this complete :D! what color scheme are you thinking of?

  2. Hi, plantie. Yes, the deadline for EV is the 15th of each month. All new pieces submitted will be updated shortly after that. The Circe folder is already set up at EV website so I think you can go ahead and upload yours. The deadline probably applies more specifically to the updating of the facebook album for EV, which Lisa will start doing probably in the new year.
    Thank you for the compliments. ^^ I'm thinking about brown/ochre/gold for this one.


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