"A Dark Undercurrent" Lines

Finally finished inking my evil little mermaid for "A Dark Undercurrent", one of the old EV themes that I had on my list of themes to be completed.  I will do a quick color test on this here in a bit.  She was changed here and there during the inking process which is nothing new.  I gave her a larger collection of skulls to play with. XD  Still not sure if I want her to be mostly black/purple or ghostly white.  I'd like to get her finished as the last piece of 2011, but this will be close, as I'm not fast and there will be tons of detail work put into it.

EDIT: A quick color test.  I'm liking her creepy eyes! :D :D :D


  1. oooo i love it!! i think its the skulls that really set off the picture, they are such a contrast to the rest of the painting...really wonderful!

  2. Thank you, plantie! My daughter says it creeps her out and can't stand to look at it, but I'm loving this one so far. XD I'm going to try to finish her today. *fingers crossed*


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