"A Dark Undercurrent"

My last piece for the year 2011 is a dark mermaid.  Finished in time! :D *happy dance*  I had fun with this one.  This one is my 20th piece for the Enchanted Visions Project.  I'm slowly scratching off past themes one by one from my list, while I make a point in working on each monthly theme.   Participating in EV's monthly themes has really helped me increase the number of works in my portfolio. ^^

Here's a closeup on the mermaid herself.  I love the white hair, light grey eyes with bloody under-eye circles look! XD

Happy New Year!  I hope to do many more fantasy pieces in 2012.  I would like to make enough 'dark' pieces to be able to compile a 'dark fantasy' calendar for 2013. :D


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