"Circe" Completed

As usual, I began the coloring phase with the background.  Then the surrounding elements, namely the flowers.  Then I painted Circe, and finally, the lion.  I have many cats at home and am a huge fan of long hair, fluffy cats in particular, so once I got started on the lion, I had so much fun with him.  After laying down the foundation colors and some shadows/darks, I went over putting down the individual strand of long fur in lighter colors.  As his mane grew fluffier, I felt happy -- the same simple joy I feel when I'm brushing my long hair cats. XD  After painting this piece, I'm even more tempted than ever before to give one of my orange and white Maine Coon mix a 'lion cut'.  (I probably never will out of respect for the cat, but I'd love to see him with that haircut just once... maybe in the peak heat of summer. XD)

*A closeup view of the main figures

After painting some Christmas fluff, it was nice to get back in the groove of theme prompts at Enchanted Visions Project.  I really enjoy the gold and brown, earthy, color schemes.  I think I've made more pieces in this color scheme this year than ever before. ^_^  

I must also say that I am looking forward to getting started on the "Dragon Lore" theme.  Mine will be a bit on the dark side and I will be depicting the serpentine Asian dragon, if all goes as planned. 


  1. lol i wanted to give my maine coon one of those lion cuts over the summer as the mats in his fur were just so so bad - but i couldnt bring myself to do that to him :P but i have to admit since yours is orange and white it would be pretty awesome haha :D

    its a wonderful rich color scheme, like something aged and oakey (hm if that makes sense)

    really look forward to seeing your dragon painting! i have to admit i am a bit out of ideas, but theres time right :P

  2. Hahaha!! Yes, their fur simply gets out of control. If they manage to keep it in order then they're really not having life -- all they do is groom themselves. I finally broke my Fanta (the orange & white boy) into regular brushing, but I already see some small knots here and there. He molts in spring like a yak, though. XD

    They let me pick the January theme, and I must say that I picked "Dragon Lore" to see if this theme would get those artists who do nothing but pretty faces/portraits into doing something else for change. ^_^ We have till January 15th, so I probably won't get started until after the New Year's. *procrastinating already*

  3. hehe but youre so right. i know i am stuck in that bad habit and even my concept had a traditional chinese woman in it -_- (they have really cool headdresses what can i say?)
    but you know, the first painting i did last november after years of not touching a brush was of a dragon alone in the woods...so i know i have it in me :P

    what we need is this holiday season to be over! slowly but surely because it is crazy distracting!!

  4. I figured that "Dragon Lore" is vague enough to leave tons of room for interpretation. One can draw a fire-breathing dragon, a dragon tattoo, a sea dragon, an air dragon, a dragon with a fairy, a dragon with a person, a book with a dragon cover, a pixie riding a baby dragon, etc. I'm sure some people are going to stick with nothing but fairies by drawing a fairy with maybe dragon designs on a dress, perhaps. XD I really don't know how they can be OK with doing the same thing over and over, but some do just that. ^^;

    Then there are few artists who just love to draw/paint dragons, who have probably been itching to do dragon themes. As a 'fantasy art' project, I thought it was time that we challenge ourselves with something that would demand more from our imagination and do some challenging anatomical rendering. (There's always the option of skipping, too. XD)

    I also want to see more 'dark and macabre' themes at the project. ^_^


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