Fun with Colored Pencil

Finished coloring the first page of my coloring book "Gardens & Goddesses" to be given away in a random drawing soon (= when my facebook fan page reaches 500 likes).  She ended up looking older than the original green-eyed blonde version of "Pansy" -- maybe it's the makeup on the eyes... a bit more sultry, maybe? ^^ (Her eyes look HUGE now... o_0)

I'll announce the official post when it's time and all you have to do will be to comment on my facebook page to be entered in the the drawing.  I'll leave the post up for a week with the information on the designated time of the drawing.  The book will be signed to the winner on the page where I colored (first page just inside the cover).  If you haven't clicked 'like' on my page, you can check out the page here.


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