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I was cleaning my folders and sorting files (mostly deleting old, unused files from who knows when...) this morning and came across an alternate color version of my "Wisteria" piece.  I think I did this after I had finished the purple and green version.  Anyhow, the colors I used are pinks and browns and very high-key.  I never did anything with it till today.   I thought it would make a pretty tag with the original fairy.  This was very quickly put together (Thank goodness for masks!  I love them. ^^).  Basically only two layers of images with a very simple text overlay (Plus a few layers of sparkles from the "Over the Rainbow" Collab Kit from March 2012 because I just LOVE sparkles.).  The mask I used in the background was a freebie from a wonderful blog by Mistress V (Signature Collections).

I'm using the full-size version on my official site's welcome page.   It goes well with the floral background -- I like it. :D

The tube used here is, of course, my "Wisteria", and you can get it at PSP Tube Stop.  It's perfect for spring and delightfully feminine. ^^

Here are two tags I received recently, both featuring the "Wisteria" tube.  I just love them both!!

This one is by Sarah WickedCupcake, called Porcelain in Lavender.

And this one is by Lisa Cree.  You can get the free-to-use wisteria frame you see on this tag on PSP Tube Stop's blog.


  1. beautiful! you should definitely post the full view of the alternate coloring - id love to see it :D!

    1. Thanks!! I think it has a certain 'less is more' kind of charm since I was experimenting and forgot about it. ^^;


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