A Walk-through of "Unless"

I haven't done one of these in a really long time.  So here it is -- a progressive view of the WIPs I saved while I worked on "Unless" during the digital color phase.

The scanned line art is first cleaned (Scanner picks up stray pencil lines left from erasing and all the dust and cat hair I have in my work space.).  The lines are lightened and tinted sepia, then the whole thing is adjusted to give the light brown tint so it feels like I have a colored/tinted paper to start my project with.

I worked on this piece differently compared to my other pieces.  Usually, I give an amorphous background wash in the dominant color first.  This time though, my first layer was simply a shading foundation.  I used 'diffuse water' tip/tool with a shade of dark brown set at low opacity (7 - 12%)  Then on a separate layer placed on top, I started giving local colors on different items -- the flower on hat, goggles, etc.

Also unlike my usual procedure, I didn't paint a quick color test version for this, so I'm kind of figuring out the color design of her outfit as I go.  Still more local colors being painted on the top layer.  Started a highlight layer in 'soft charcoal' for the eyes (This was also different from my usual approach.  I always save the face, especially the eyes, for the last.) At this point, the total number of layers is 4 (canvas layer, which is the scan of the line art; shading layer; item color layer; highlights).

Wanted to experiment with a view beyond the window, so I made another layer placed between the shading layer and the item color layer.  I wanted a sunset colors shown through smoggy sky with blimps.  This was yet another different thing -- I usually leave a vague background behind a figure with nothing really going on. ^^; But the window view detail was actually quite fun to do.

Working on the highlights some more to suggest textural difference between her dress's main fabric and satin trims -- namely ribbons.  This was also when I decided to change the colors of the ribbons on the dresses of the girl and the doll from pink to black.  I didn't want pale pink to detract from the lower part of the image.  Starting another layer for the background's item colors -- namely for the pillows and the kitties.

Decided to fill the whole room with the light of the sunset.  Also working on multiple layers adding more color and or detail to each as I go.

Working on the skin shading and highlights and adding finishing touch.  'Diffuse water' tip/tool for the shading and 'soft charcoal' set at high opacity for the highlights, on separate layers.  Another layer was added to give 'soft highlights' which gives the illusion of the glow, which I softly paint on some spots on her hair with 'soft charcoal' set at low opacity (around 15 - 18%) to give just a hint of the blurred glow.  I adjust the overall tone a bit to warm up with the sunset's orange glow filling the entire room.  Total number of layers used in this project was 8.


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