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Just as I was feeling much better and stronger,  I seemed to have caught another nasty bug -- unbelievable.  I'm coughing and achy all over.  Hopefully, this will pass as quickly as the last one a couple of weeks ago. :(

When I don't feel productive, I like to keep myself occupied with easy activities that are not physically demanding.  This isn't to say that I got this tag-making thing down now and have gotten super quick at it.  I'm still pretty slow... laughably so, in fact.

My good friend and a fellow artist, Lisa Cree, who is the owner of the PSP Tube Stop, where my tubes are sold, has released this wonderful steampunk-theme art titled, "Steamface Pirate".  I think I have a thing for violet eyes and platinum hair, so this one really caught my attention.  Got my hands on the tube and went to play. ^^

As I said, I'm super slow at this still and do a whole lot of trial and error (all the while forgetting to save the file btw), so this is definitely not a tutorial.  I'm just showing it here.  But that's not all!  There is a fun contest going on at PSP Tube Stop group page on Facebook.  You're asked to write a caption of what this Steamface Pirate is saying in her pirate-talk. ^^  The contest ends tomorrow, and the winner with the most votes will receive this tube.

But if you're like me and are pirate-talk impaired/challenged, then you might want to just head on over to the shop and get one for yourself. ^^  It's available here.


  1. At least you have the energy to still stay creative!! that says alot!
    Your compilation looks really cool! Great colors, and love the little bird in the corner :D
    Feel better soon Mitzi :( I am so sorry youre sick again - sending you fluffy blankets, chicken soup and a hot tea!

    1. Thank you so much for your well wishes, Christina. You're so sweet. ^^ *huggles*


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