WIP of "Lost in the Woods"

This is a gift/art trade for a dear friend of mine on dA.  She's one of the handful of first people who became friends with me when I was a total newbie.

Anyhow, just getting started with the colors, but experimenting a little bit this time.  I've been thinking about branching out a little more, trying different things.   It's fun.  Having to visit my old Sketchbook Project 2011 duo for the subject of this illustration gave me an opportunity.  It might also be because it's spring and everything is back to life and bursting with renewed energy and I'm feeling it. :D


  1. i think its wonderfully earthy, and raw with the textures. keep feeling that spring vibe!! :D

    1. Thanks! ^^ Been busy working and tidying up the yard/garden. This piece kind of got put on hold. ^^;


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