"Emergence" Piece Finished

I was able to finish the newest piece for the Enchanted Visions project's "Emergence" theme this morning.  I used hints of iridescent gold paint throughout, but as I expected, it is rather difficult to photograph successfully.  ^^;  (And it will be impossible to capture in a scan... T_T )

I tried to photograph this illustration from different angles with light coming from slightly different angles to see if i can show the gold...

You can't see much of the gold, but you can see the details of the moth fairy's head and the highlights.

This photo shows the wings and the vines to the lower right of the illustration and you can see the gold iridescence a little.

When you click on this image and view it at the full size, you can see the shimmering touches of gold on the wings and on the floral parts.

Loose and soft, with contrasting densely drawn area and sparsely filled open space.  A little different from my usual, but I do a lot of different styles of illustrations. *shrugs*

EDIT: I've decided to call this piece "Reverie".  


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