New Piece for the Enchanted Visions Project

I haven't painted one for the Enchanted Visions project for a while (Well, we also went on a summer hiatus for several months, too, as being a part of the administration for this group can be mentally draining at times.).  A few themes before and after "Anima Sola", I hadn't touched still remain on my list.

I went to the newly redecorated site and looked up the list of themes.  Some will always remain somewhat uninspiring, but "Emergence" finally caught my attention.  This was a spring 2013 theme that I chose not to participate -- I was busy with commissions and generally not excited about the theme. ^^;

Got started on a concept sketch yesterday and I was able to finish inking this morning.

I was looking at some Venezuelan Poodle Moth photos online and was inspired by the fuzzy cuteness, and decided to draw a moth fairy.  Also, I've been feeling a bit adventurous lately, so I'm going about this theme in a different way than usual.  In a way, it's a throwback to my earlier doodle style with tightly rendered "busy" area with open space left for balance.    The paper is a little bigger than usual, too, at 9" x 12".  As I type this, I realized that it's too large for my scanner to get a clean scan. *facepalm*  I'll have to see what I can do about saving a good scan for my archive file.

I'm using sepia/brown ink for this line drawing.  I would like it to have a warm, old-fashioned glow.

This is my second WIP shot after I put a wash of water over the ink drawing and added some watercolor in spots.  Still working fairly loosely.  ^_^  I like the way it is coming out.  I should be able to finish this piece in the morning tomorrow.  As I write this blog entry, I've already finished coloring the fairy's wings, body, antennae, and facial makeup.  Just needs some highlighting.  I'm thinking about touches of gold acrylic. ^_^


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