Grimm Auction Piece Finished

I didn't think a black and white image would be difficult to photograph, but my camera keeps seeing the same artwork in slightly different tint and it's almost impossible for me to adjust for it. ^^;  Granted, the various stages of the artwork were not taken in the same lighting/condition...

Above is another WIP that followed the previous blog post.  This was taken around noon yesterday.  Just about done with the darkest parts of the black.  It was funny when someone made a comment on my facebook page asking if I had spilled ink over my drawing. XD  No, not quite 'accidental spilling'.  It was 'intentional flinging and splattering'.

This is where the piece is at after working on it today.  (Transformed from looking "kind of cute" to "evil" overnight! ) I think I'm done.  I wanted this to have a really loose feel (not like my digital pieces where every detail is spelled out).  Anyway, I wanted to capture the Black Bride's true form lurking beneath the facade/pretense of the White Bride in this interpretation of mine.  She is beautiful, but the left side of her face is diseased and decaying, and her left eye is a dead eye (like a 'dead fish' goth horror eye) that doesn't reflect as much light.

And this is what I mean by the camera capturing the slightly different tint in every shot.  Some come out looking blue while others come out looking sepia.  Having to adjust so that it looks more black is really hard. ^_^;

And this one looks a little rosy. XD  Anyway, this shot allowed for a better look at the lower portion of the image where things just fizzle out and face to white.  When I take the scan of the original, it will allow for a more proportionate look (if somewhat washed out from the bright light).  From this angle though, she looks like an angel at first glance.  How interesting...  Didn't see that while I was painting this. :D

Creepy beautiful. Just in time for Halloween and the Day of the Dead.  Seriously though, I do enjoy this kind of themes.  It's a lot of fun.  Still undecided on the title.  I guess I have till Monday.


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