First Phase with Watercolor

I didn't get to go shopping for my paper towels (must have!) in the morning while I was messing with some commissioned projects.  By the time I got around to this piece, it was roughly 40 minutes before I had to go make another errand, so I quickly put some black paint out of the tube, got myself a cup of water, another cup of rubbing alcohol, another container of salt and wads of paper towel and sat down.  Usually, I start with a very thin wash all over.  Since this piece is larger (8.5" x 11") than many of my pieces (5" x 7"), I went for the 3/4 inch flat to play with the wash.  I also flung some wet paint to give the splatters in strategic spots (lol).  This is a process I haven't played with on smaller scaled artwork, but since this is a larger piece and the inked line work already contains so much detail, I figured it would be nice to go a little wild and let it flow loose.  I like the way it's coming along.

These days, now that I've been back doing a lot of "traditional" art (I really don't like this word just to denote traditional media as opposed to digital... ), I don't feel as fearful about ruining something and wasting supplies.  Well, better financial situation and increased familiarity with the behavior of the medium certainly afford a sense of confidence.  I feel more 'in control' of what I'm doing, channeling Bob Ross with his famous saying, "There are no mistakes, just happy accidents."  (Love that guy!)  I still have brief moments of "Oh, $@#t!" when something unintended just happens, but I feel confident that I can work around it and turn the mistake into something that was meant to be there. ^_^

While I work on the original, I have listed the edited line art as a digital stamp at my Etsy shop.

As interesting as dark art is for me to make and present (And there's definitely a market for it whether in originals or prints.), the digital stamps market is full of cute and pretty (and simple) things.  I'm more than happy to accommodate the needs/demands of the market by cleaning up the original drawing (= removing all her facial wounds and scarring).  I also realized that I didn't have any bridal digi in my shop... ^^;
This digital stamp is titled "Bridal Veil" and it's available at this link.


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