Inking Complete

Finished inking my "Grimm" piece.  Right now, she's a white bride -- at first glance, the wounds on her face and neck are hard to notice. XD  There will be a lot of grey and black to be introduced in this image in watercolor starting tomorrow. :D  Should be fun and should go fairly quickly.  Definitely be done well in time for the Femme Thou Art Collective's themed auction starting on Oct. 21. ^_^

What I'll probably do is scan this line art, digitally erase the wounds to make a 'bridal' digital stamp for the heck of it.  The roses and lace details are very pretty.  But the finished piece should be real interesting -- one of those images that look perfectly innocuous at first glance, but turns out to be quite eerie after a closer inspection of details in the shadows.  My kind of art. :D


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