New Releases and a Joint Promo Event with Kit and Clowder

The weekend for which I have actually planned for is finally here!  I've been trying to coordinate new release launches with samples and fun extras in recent months, but I'm still listing things haphazardly whenever new images get finished. LOL

Today, I'm having a joint promo with Alyce and her Kit and Clowder, celebrating the new release of "The Gift" and "Happy Little Mermaid".  They're part of my new mer-kids collection - basically sprites meet mermaid in style. :D

This was the first I drew in the collection.  I like it because it has a story, a conversation going on between the two characters.  Even without mouths, these kids are plenty expressive, which makes it fun. ^_^

This digi is available at my Etsy shop here.  And at the AW digi shop under Mermaids category here.

And for someone who's looking for something a little simpler (maybe a little less intimidating, too - after all, two figures in one image is twice the risk of something going wrong... dreadful, indeed. LOL), I've made a mermaid-only version available as well.

"Happy Little Mermaid" is available at my Etsy shop here.  And at the AW digi shop here.

I'm a little embarrassed to say that I have not managed to get color samples of my own done for these two digi's.  Well, a lot of digi companies/artists out there never make color samples (except for physical samples made by their design staff).  I like the way the listings look when I do have colored samples of my own. Hehe.  I guess I'll be working on them this weekend.  Between 3 more images that require inking and making colored versions, all this seems suddenly so daunting.  XD LOL


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