Work in Progress

When an idea randomly pops up in my head, more often than not, I run with it.  This new piece I just started out of the blue is one of these seemingly random ideas.

Since I am a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, it was just a matter of time that I'd put a Rococo wig on a kitten. And since I had so much fun with my first Marie Antoinette (in the theme of "Let them eat cake"), I went ahead and quickly sketched out my second Marie on a ... scrap piece of paper unfortunately.  Good enough of a sketch to scan, though.  So I'm actually inking this one in my trusty old Corel Painter.  The above is a work-in-progress view.  The most intricate part of this piece is the hair (both on the kitten and Marie) and the arm detail on her dress.  So I'd say I'm 2/3 of the way through my inking phase.

We recently had a stray cat produce a litter of 4 kittens... in our basement storage area.  Well, this anti-social mama cat at least had a good enough sense about her to come to our house, the unofficial Cat Rescue Central!  The kittens will be taken care of, thanks largely to the income generated by sale of digi's. LOL  The Universe has a way of giving everyone what they need.

Getting back on track...  The kitten here was inspired by one of the four kittens I mentioned above. She's a long hair calico with green eyes.  So playful and full of energy.  Irresistible.

The working title I've given this piece is "Marie Nyantoinette".  I love puns!  My daughter thinks I come up with all sorts of dumb ones, but I just can't resist.  My Inner Child is always out to play. ;)


  1. Stunning work Mitzi, as always...your images are just beautiful and such an inspiration to us all..keep up the great work! x

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Elly!
      Hugs, Mitzi xx

  2. These Mari Antoinette are just georgous... Love them... :)


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