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I've been working toward the 50th sprites in my Sprites Collection that was started in the summer of 2013 when I was into making lots of ACEOs in traditional media.  I've since expanded my approach to include digitally illustrated (still free handing everything in Corel Painter) ones.  This new one marks #48.

This is "Corpse Flower Sprite".  He's the first DARK and CREEPY sprite to join the collection.  One of my Aurora Wings Challenge Blog's design team members, Gloria Palmer-Steiger approached me with the idea when a plant at Michigan State University was blooming.  Since I've never thought of having a creepy or sinister sprite among whimsical babies before myself, I jumped on the idea and sketched him right away. :D  He definitely has a phallic shape (Check out the plant's Latin name: amorphophallus titanum = giant misshapen phallus LOL), and strange to look at.  But this plant has another distinct feature, which is its odor when in full bloom.  It has the smell of rotting flesh, from which it got its common name, Corpse Flower!  Nice! XD

Photo credit: US Botanic Garden
This strange plant's native habitat is the rain forest of Sumatra, where it grows to 10 feet/ 3 meters in height.  The blooms only last up to 48 hours, while many begin to wilt only after 12 hours (Well, considering the stench, it's a good thing it doesn't last...).  I've also learned that it takes anywhere from 7 to 10 years or longer before having its first bloom, and afterwards averaging a bloom once every 7 years.  Although some plants will have back to back blooms annually while others will never bloom again.  Strange, indeed. :D

The new digi is now available at both shop locations in two versions - with flies and stink lines AND without.  1500 x 2100 pixels at 300 dpi JPG (5" x 7"/12.7 x 17.8 cm).

Etsy shop's digital stamps section
AuroraWings Digi Shop

I have more new digi's coming out in the month of July.  This month, there will also be a launch of a new collection that's perfect for summer (well, at least for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere).


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    1. Thank you, Linda for always stopping by and commenting. Hugs, Mitzi xx

  2. WOW, ist das schön gemacht
    glg Gertrude

  3. OMG! how sweet and dangerous is that!! It is only enchanted sweet.
    Dear Greetings, Carmen

  4. Very artistic take on the Corpse flower, a very interesting subject all on it's own. Great job. I think if they had a face it would be "less then friendly" from what I hear of their smell. I'll take peoples word for it. Just found your stamps and blog from the "Poetry in a Pot of Tea" blog and am in love with your digi's. I will be following your blog and thank you for sharing your lovely art.


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