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Busy busy and it's a good thing.  In fact, it's great! :D  I get to earn money doing what I enjoy.  I call it doodling.  I honestly never dreamed that I'd be making a living doodling!  While I was growing up, my teachers believed in me, but none of my family members liked the idea a teensy bit!  XD lol

Now that I've got myself a second team of designers for the digi business, I'm getting a little more organized and less haphazard about releasing my digis.  Prior to finally coming to this arrangement, I would draw, scan, clean, and list an image whenever it was finished.  Now that I have a lot of crafters wanting to help me out, I'm able to get their help making spectacular samples made with my digis.  A lot of my ladies are so creative and such wonderful thinkers outside of the box, the 'inspiration' pieces we can offer at the AW Challenge Blog are phenomenal on a monthly basis.  This is great because there's just no time for me to do it all if I were to be able to draw and produce new art on a regular basis.

Getting more organized about new releases largely means that I have to hold onto the digi files that are ready for weeks at a time.  I do get a little fidgety and like to do some teasing by showing a cropped image here and there.  I guess it's also a good thing to create a buzz and keep everyone interested. ^_^

Marie Antoinette #2 is coming.  This one almost sat in oblivion with all these ruflles and hair details.  It's fun to look at once it's finished, but it's a little mind-boggling and can be overwhelming on a wrong day. LOL

Another preview of Marie Antoinette #2.  This digi will be released along with a big designer showcase with my Challenge Blog DT. :D  Coming August 8, 2014.

But before Marie arrives, there will be more of the Mer-tots coming. :D  Can't believe I still haven't given my collection a name.  I call them Mer-babies, Mermies, Merbies, etc.  They're fun to draw.  I'm hoping to capture the fun, wonder, and joy of childhood in these mer-tots images.  This one is scheduled for release on August 4.  I will be unveiling my new Showcase Blog DT on the same day with a showcase of their creations with this digi.

Here's another sneak peek view of the same digi. :D  I do like teasing the members at the FB group. LOL

And also in the works is this one.  Yet another from the Mer-tots series.  This image is getting worked on by the designers.  I have come across a delay, though.  I'm hoping to release around mid-August, but not 100% sure.  *fingers crossed*

As if all of this doesn't keep me busy enough, I just recently learned that the second licensee of PSP tubes (these are web sized images with background removed, so you can basically do digital scrapbooking to make forum tags, etc.) decided to close its door.  There seems to be a lot of tube companies - some big, many small - out there.  It's never been even close to a major source of my art income for me, but it's one industry that routinely pays much better royalties (most of them are around 70 to 80% rather than the "industry standard" 10% ... or even less).  I believe tubes were the very first contract I signed when I was a newbie in the fantasy art world...

Getting back on track here.  What I've decided to do with my tubes is that I will not sign with another company.  I'm going to go rogue.  Well, that sounds kind of bad (or bada$$-ish...).  Let's say, I'm going to go solo. LOL  Yep, I'll be selling my PSP tubes at my Etsy shop since they handle digital downloads to make things easy for us, and I will also set up tube shop at my web site.  I'm not expecting much business from tube sales anyway, and this is not something that require actual customer service in a traditional sense of the word, so I might as well sell on my own and get all the profit.  ^^;

How I'm going to squeeze that project into my work load...  That's something that I'll have to think about later. :D


  1. What a great previews. I see I've got some saving to do..
    Love the Marie A. with the kitten!! swoon..
    And why not call it Mer-tots? As it's what they are and it's a lovely description.

  2. Can't wait for this new Marie release!! They are puuurrfection!
    How about "Sea Babies" for the new collection? That would include all of those gorgeous little critter babies, too. Just a thought... :)

  3. You are a tease........ But I love it.......

  4. You have a very busy schedule Mitzi !
    It's very inspiring and I can tell that you love what u do.
    Looking forward to creating with your little mer-tots ^_^

  5. Great previews, thank you for sharing.
    Linda xxx

  6. so awesome, can't wait...


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