Down to the Last 5 Days

The coloring books fundrasier campaign on Kickstarter by Ellen Million Graphics is coming down to the final days!  Eek!  We're officially past $3,000 in pledge on Kickstarter.  Counting the off-site support Ellen has also started accepting (for people who don't want to transact via and other reasons, I suppose...), the total is a little over $3,100 at the time of this writing.

At $3,000 pledge total, a dark fantasy coloring book titled "Wings of Night" was unlocked.

Cover image courtesy of Ellen Million Graphics.

Some pages from the Wings of Night coloring book.  Courtesy of Ellen Million Graphics.

This is one of the two titles in this fundraising campaign that I actually don't have an image in. LOL  XD  I have an image in each of the following titles:

  • Apples and Roses - fairy tales book by multiple artists
  • Brain Celebrations - zombie book by multiple artists
  • Scheherazade's Shimmy - Arabian Nights and belly dancers book by multiple artists

On top of these three, I have 2 solo titles "Gardens & Goddesses 2" and "Midnight Gardens".  G&G2 was unlocked last week and it will go to print after the campaign is over.   On the line, right now (and giving me heart palpitations), is "Midnight Gardens".  This is the collection featuring the dark fantasy pieces of mine.  I would LOVE to see this volume go to print.  We only have a handful of days left to reach $3,500, and it's definitely making me nervous. LOL  I was checking the Kickstarter page multiple times a day, leading up to this point, but I can't check it so often.  It makes me nervous. ^^;

I have been updating the progress on facebook (both at AW group and my personal page), and yesterday, I even wrote up a journal post on deviantART, which I have not done in almost a year.  There's a video and link at my main web site as well.  I feel I've done all I could do to spread the word (short of sending spammy e-mails to all my friends and contacts...), so I really need to sit back now and hope the Universe to do its magic.  I don't know how things go at the last minute at Kickstarter campaigns, but it will be interesting to see if we could get a flurry of support right before the close. ^_^

You can access the campaign home page from the little gadget in the sidebar to the left of this post. ^_^  Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Reward (one title in PDF format) starts at just $7 pledged.
  • Additional $50 to any reward tier will get you 14 (possibly more) titles in PDFs - imagine how many hours of coloring fun that would be!
  • You are able to change pledge amount (increase, decrease, withdraw) at any time during the campaign before it ends
Ellen has already run a successful Kickstarter last year for other volumes of coloring books, and she has been in the business of publishing coloring books for years.  I would consider this campaign to be extremely low risk (and high reward!).  I hope you decide to support us. ^_^  And to everyone who has already pledged support, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


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