Finally Getting Around to

Set up my newsletter campaign! *big sigh of relief* XD  This has been in the back of my head for way too long.  Didn't realize that I had my Mail Chimp account set up in the August of 2013 and it's September of 2014 now!  I shudder to think just how behind I am in some aspects of my professional life.  (Such is the life of an independent, self-represented artist...)

"Better late than never" is the mantra of the year for me. LOL  Seriously though, the intention is there to get things done.  Things just have a tendency of getting pushed aside because, as everyone knows, life dishes out a lot of challenges on top of your best thought out plans.

The good news of the day is that Ellen Million Graphics Kickstarter fundraiser campaign has reached $2,000 in total pledged support, which means that "Gardens & Goddesses 2" is going to print! *happy dance*  At the time of my writing this blog post, the cover is still black & white.  I would love for us to reach some more stretch goals and make this a color cover.  *Universe, hear my prayer!*

Cover image courtesy of Ellen Million Graphics.
I am making this title available as a PDF copy, too, so supporters of this fundraiser can now add the PDF copy for additional $5 pledge. :D  What a bargain!  20 images are in this book!!

Back to the Mail Chimp situation I was talking about earlier.  I have finally managed to get everything set up so that I can start having e-mail campaigns like a real business.  I know, I'm late to the game, but at the same time, timing seemed right, now that the Stamps by AuroraWings facebook group has a membership of over 1,500.  I am making the sign up process relatively easy for everyone by having an app right there on facebook on one of my pages, on my art blog right here to the left, AND right on the homepage of the website.  There also will be a sign-up gift for my subscribers, which will go out with the first mailing of the newsletter during the first week of October (tentatively scheduled for Oct. 2, 2014 to be precise).  So, if you're reading this, and you're interested in the sign-up gift, I suggest that you use the sign-up gadget found in the sidebar to the left right now!  I promise to only send out one newsletter a month - that's all I realistically have time for, and nobody wants a cluttered inbox.

Wrapping things up, I was a little less lazy today to make a pretty advertisement for this weekend's special discount code.  LOL  (It's so good to be feeling almost normal after weeks of being sick and miserable.)

These kids are creeping me out!  Maybe I had a little too much fun making this ad, but full-color pictures are more eye-catching than just text.  As facebook keeps pointing out to me, my posts are more 'engaging' when they contain pictures.  (Actually, when you complain about life's misery, something political, or say something highly opinionated, a whole bunch of people on facebook find that highly 'engaging'.   But I'd like to avoid drama whenever possible.  Who's got time for that?)  


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