Update on the Coloring Books Fundraiser

As I wrote in my previous post, Ellen Million Graphics is running a Kickstarter campaign to bring some brand new titles of coloring books.  Basically, we have a total of something like 8 titles waiting in the wings.  Each $500 pledge reached means a title will, for sure, go to print.  Although the campaign officially met the goal of $500 as initially set already, and this campaign is technically 'successfully funded', that's just one title, "Fishpond Fantasies" (a coloring book of mermaids) getting printed.  And the cover is still black and white.

At $1,000 pledge amount, we've unlocked the second title going into print, "Apples and Roses" (a coloring book of fairy tales).  The cover is still black and white at this point.  My Rococo Cinderella piece is included in this book.

Remember me working frantically to meet the deadline in mid August?  Well, it made it into the book. :D
As of this writing, we are somewhere between $1,000 and the next stretch goal of $1,500.  The title to be unlocked next is "Brain Celebrations" (a coloring book of zombies).  And I also have a piece in this volume.

The "Ghost Bride" is included in the "Brain Celebrations" coloring book.
The next stretch goal of $2,000 will actually bring my solo sequel to the "Gardens & Goddesses", titled "Gardens & Goddesses 2"!!  Here's a look at the black and white cover...

The cover image courtesy of Ellen Million Graphics.  
Meeting further stretch goals (as she has done in her past campaigns) will mean that the cover could look like this!

But it could be in color if we make it to more stretch goals. So much better.  Don't you think? :D
And somewhere down the list of the 8 titles, there's a volume of my darker fantasy art collection "Midnight Gardens".  I would so love to see this title come to be, too.

There are many support levels from just $7 (You'll receive a PDF copy of one of the coloring books that go to print after this campaign, plus whatever titles previously published that are available in this format.  A list is available at the Kickstarter page.) all the way up to $500.  We'd love to get as many supporters from all over the world on this.  Please check out the campaign here.  Thanks!!


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