Midnight Gardens Coloring Book

Great news, if you have been following the progress of our colorcing book fundraiser on Kickstarter.  Figuring in the off-site backers support, the campaign total has reached $3,517.50, which means that "Midnight Gardens" is officially unlocked as a PDF and gets a green light to go to print! *happy dance*

With campaign winding down to just 4 more days to go, now it comes down to whether we'll see "Fishpond Fantasies" and "Apples and Roses" with full-color covers, and then whether we'll see "Gardens & Goddesses 2" and "Midnight Gardens" with color covers, before moving onto reprints of other out-of-date titles for additional stretch goals.

Meanwhile, I've had flurry of purchases at my Etsy shop for the original "Gardens & Goddesses", as this title is all but gone at Ellen Million Graphics, and down to 5 at my shop.  As one of the most popular titles offered through EMG, this one is pretty much guaranteed to have yet another printing (I belive it will be its 4th.), so I can expect to see it in my shop about the same time I get my hands on the physical copies of the two new titles. :D  Yay, yay, ya~y!!!  This was the good news I was waiting for after a morning full of crappy news. LOL

Cover images by Ellen Million Graphics.  I feel that these coloring books MUST have color covers...
So now, the additional stretch goal has been spelled out:

  • At $3,600, "Fishpond Fantasies" and "Apples and Roses" will get color covers
  • At $3,700, my two solo titles will get color covers
  • At $4,000, "Songgryphons" will be reprinted
Four days left to go.  We would so prefer to see the covers in full color.  I mean, it's so nice.  There's no denying the special allure of fully colored images, even for coloring books.  The imagination gets a creative boost, I feel. :D  Besides, since the first "Gardens & Goddesses" has color cover, it sure would be nice to get a matching set, isn't it?  Hehe.  I'll be watching the campaign closely for the next several days, and if/when necessary, I'm ready and willing to kick up my pledge even more to make the color covers happen.  That, at least, is within my realm of control. ^_^

EDIT (6:45 pm MDT): With the off-site supporter pledge counted into the total, we now have confirmation that these two coloring books of mine will have COLOR COVERS!  Yay!  Thank you, everyone, for making this happen. :D  We've also reached the 100 supporters mark, so every backer gets an ACEO print. :D


  1. Finally was able to contribute today. So excited! I can't wait for your books to be published and to see what you did for the Zombie book.
    I'm also hoping Songgryphons gets reprinted, but for now I'll take it as a PDF.

    1. Thank you so much, Glo! Just got words that color covers for these two coloring books have been unlocked! Ya~y!! :D Reprint of Songgryphons is within reach now.


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