Fundraiser for Coloring Books Has Begun

It's been nearly three weeks since my last update on my art blog.  Well, shortly after I finished "Angel of Sympathy", I came down with something that felt like a food poisoning or a stomach flu.  Before I was fully recovered from that (with 1500 member celebration and what not probably stressing me out further more...), my daughter brought home a bug from school to share. ^^;  This one progressed from being a head cold to a full blown bronchitis in under three days.  I'm still feeling the last bit of it.  It has not been a kind summer for me as far as health is concerned.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this is my subconscious' way of taking a 'break'.  I've been working non stop, with no vacation, for over a year.  And every time I push for a deadline and stay up later than usual (I'm not even talking about pulling an all-nighter.  I'm not that young anymore. lol) even for a little bit, I just don't do well the next day and seem to become susceptible for cold, flu, what have you...

On a more exciting note, the Kickstarter fundraiser to try to get multiple coloring books (some multi-artist collaborative books, some solo books) published by Ellen Million Graphics has started.  The campaign is on its third day, and it's already reached the initial funding goal for one coloring book and about to reach the first stretch goal of the second coloring book, which will have one of my line drawings included.

Reprint of my first coloring book has been confirmed... *happy dance*

Further stretch goals will have many more titles - two of which are my solo books, a sequel to a highly successful "Gardens & Goddesses", "Gardens & Goddesses vol. 2", and a collection of my darker fantasy art "Midnight Gardens".  Exciting! :D *fingers and toes crossed*

I did receive an e-mail from Ellen today, and was reassured that the original "Gardens & Goddesses" will be reprinted (yet again!).  *happy dance*  I'm down to 9 copies at my Etsy shop, so it's good to know more will become available.

The Kickstarter is getting updated frequently by Ellen whenever the figure approaches the next stretch goal or more information becomes available as she takes inventory and talks to more artists.  There are many levels of support available starting at just $7 pledge.  I am making the "Gardens & Goddesses" coloring book (as well as my other two solo titles) available as a PDF download for this campaign, which means that when you pledge the lowest amount $7 for this fundraiser, you can request to receive a PDF copy of my coloring book as the "backer reward". ^_^

I also have confirmation that I have an artwork in the "Zombie Celebrations" coloring book, which has just been announced as the stretch goal at $1,500.  I assume more titles will be added at each $500 stretch goal. Lots of interesting titles, as these books are meant for grown-ups' entertainment, are coming up - "Fantasy Isn't Always Pretty 2 (a collection of dark fantasy images)", "Sheherazade's Shimmy (Arabian Nights and belly dancing beauties)".  And there will be reprints of old, out of prints titles if the supporters keep reaching these stretch goals.  

I'm looking forward to updaing my blog with the good news of "Gardens & Goddesses vol. 2 has been confirmed for publication!"  Can you picture me doing a happy dance already?  Hehe.

EDIT (Sept 11, 2014): As of this morning, two titles "Fishpond Fantasies" and "Apples and Roses" (I have my Rococo Cinderella in this multi-artist collabrative coloring book.) are both going to print now that we've reached $1,000 in pledged support. :D  How awesome is that!  You can see the up-to-date pledge total in the little gadget on the sidebar of this blog. ^_^


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