Final Weekend of the Fundraiser

Oh, boy, it's coming down to the last 3 days! Here's a look at the revised cover of "Gardens & Goddesses volume 2", as we have not only unlocked the title a while back, but as of yesterday, the pledge total is high enough that this volume (and the other, dark fantasy coloring book, "Midnight Gardens") is guarantee to go to print with a color cover.  Sweet!!  The revised cover has the background color that closely matches the G & G volume 1 (My colorful "Pansy" is the cover art of that book.).  I was almost holding my breath all day yesterday, anxious for these two titles to achieve color covers.  I'm thrilled to picture all three of my coloring books being listed at my Etsy shop. :D  *happy~~~*

Cover image courtesy of Ellen Million Graphics
I'm excited to report that the campaign total is showing (on the Kickstarter page) at $3,795 with 104 backers.  That figure is for the on-site total.  Ellen is also accepting off-site pledge from people who prefer to avoid transacting with Amazon or people who have credit to spend from Ellen Million Graphics' Sketch Fest and other services.  Counting the most recent update figure from the off-site pledges, we have a total of $3,998.75 and 107 backers for the coloring books. :D  How awesome!

So now, the next stretch goal in sight is the reprinting of "Songgryphons" coloring book.  This title has been out of print for some time.  It has been voted by the supporters of this campaign as the 'popular choice' for reprint.  This will happen when the pledge total reaches $4,000 as possibly our final stretch goal.

7 new coloring books funded, with 4 with color covers, and maybe one reprint of an out-of-print title.  This is everything we had hoped for.  How awesome!!

I'm squeezing in an advert here for my free gift for all subscribers of the new AuroraWings Newsletter (monthly).  The gift digi's download link will be in the first mailings of the newsletter, scheduled to go out on Oct. 2.  If you haven't signed up for it yet (I doubt there are still people who haven't... since I've been mentioning this a lot all of last week.  Hehe.), now is the time! :D  You can just use the sign-up form found in the sidebar of this blog.


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