"Dragon Lore" Rough Sketch & Color Test

This month's theme for Enchanted Visions Project is "Dragon Lore".  I'm trying not to procrastinate and wait till 3 days before the deadline (15th) to get started. (That can be my new year's resolution: Procrastinate less often.)

I've had the idea from the very moment I picked the theme back at the end of November 2011 when I was asked.  I had to get "Circe" out of the way, and then the dark mermaid paid me a surprise visit, so there was a bit of distraction.  (The bronchitis I've been fighting for a while doesn't help.)  My idea was a guardian spirit dragon that lives as a tattoo on a girl's body coming to manifest itself in her time of need.  It will be crucial for me to visually convey the difference between the 2D tattoo dragon portion and the 3D fantasy dragon portion of the picture.  As for the transition between the two... I have no real idea how I'm going to achieve it. ^^;  It's a challenge I posed on myself to tackle the vision in my mind so I'm not always doing what's expected of me or easy.  I've also made a point in drawing a dragon that's as ferocious and fearsome as can be for this piece.

I did a total of 3 sketches for the same general idea.  Just variations in angles and dragon's positions.  I had no idea how challenging it is to draw a twisting 'tube' with a head in space.

And here's the second version of the color test I did over the scan of the rough sketch.  First one was red and black, but I somehow didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

I like the green dragon with blue background reminiscent of water, although I like the white/silver dragon idea just as much.  Decisions decisions. ^^;


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