"Pink Ribbon Mermaid" Tube Preview

This is the tube (sized down, lower resolution, with transparent background) version of the "Pink Ribbon Mermaid" to be available exclusively at the fundraiser event that I've mentioned previously.  I made the tube myself -- it's no big deal, but the 'bubbles of doom' and hair details are about the only part that was tedious. ^^  I hope the organizers, and more importantly, the people who are making the donations like this image and find it usable in their tag making fun.  I had fun with her all the way.  It's good to pictures that are just simple joy, although it's fun as an artist to do more elaborate pieces, and fun as myself to do some dark pieces here and there.

Speaking of dark pieces, the sketches I've been doing for the theme "Secret Kisses" (for Enchanted Visions Project's February 2012 monthly theme) have progressed ever darker, interestingly.  My original idea was something cute and innocent.  The most current version of the sketch is more in line with my "A Dark Undercurrent" with the mermaid looking like the one from my "La Mer".  :D


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