"Pink Ribbon Mermaid" Complete

The "Pink Ribbon Mermaid" to be made into a tube that will be available exclusively at the breast cancer research fund raiser event called Taking Back PSP in March.  I've read at their site that the number of exclusive tubes offered by various artists is now up to 22.  Hope this event raises a lot of money for the cause. ^^

This picture kind of gave me a headache after a while.  LOL  I like lavender, but pink can be very tricky.  I started out with a purple/lavender background on the first try, as I did the color test, but I wasn't too happy with it, so I gave it another try, with a brownish grey, and I also had to scrap that one halfway through.  I finally settled on this reddish grey-purple.  Some of the other elements in the picture ended up in different colors as well, like her hair (darker and magenta, which I didn't envision when I did the lines).

It was nice to do a light-hearted, cheerful piece after doing a time-consuming and mentally demanding piece like the "Dragon Lore".  It's fun to do both kind of paintings.  The key is all in the balance.


  1. it IS really light hearted and happy making :D! it s always funny when colors and themes that work out so well in your head just dont make sense on paper... however youd never of known if you didnt say anything, i think this is a beautifully balanced piece and even better youve got the great karma factor to it! best of luck in march, i am sure itll be a huge hit! :D

  2. Thank you. :D Hehe, yes, those "OMG! That's just ghastly in real life!" colors. At least, she looks fine as a figure-only tube, which is the intended end product. ^^


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