"Dragon Lore"

This year's first piece, "Dragon Lore", is finished. XD  Gosh, inking of the lines seemed to go on forever, but the coloring phase went on just as long.  There's lots of detail in this one and, unfortunately like many other pieces of mine, thumbnail size looks just terrible.   I'll be posting on dA and SN for a much better view tomorrow morning.

As much as artists enjoy sharing their art on the internet, the rampant theft by the uneducated or those who don't give a damn is a real problem.  Just like everyone else, I limit the size and resolution of the file that I post at places like blog and facebook.  What's really frustrating though, is the fact that pieces with lots of details always look so craptastic as a thumbnail image while many otherwise craptastic pieces look rather wonderful shrunken to that size.  I like my paintings to be a fair size and the paper size that I do the line art is 8.5 by 11 inches.  That really is the size the final piece should be looked at, but... oh the dilemma continues. XD


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