"Secret Kisses" Complete

It's so nice when everything flows easily from the pencil sketch to the final painting.  This mermaid was so easy to work with. lol  I think the color scheme, as it is a limited palette, was a no brainer, and the main reason I had an easy, smooth, time with this painting.  My last mermaid, the sweet pink one, gave me so much trouble in comparison, since I had to re-do and re-adjust the background color three times. ^^;  This is one of these paintings that I felt I was 'in the groove' with and it made me feel good about what I was doing.  Projects of late are all going smoothly and fun, it's so nice. ^^

Here's a closeup of the mermaid's face and the skull.  The tongue detail is hard to catch  when this image is presented at about 500 pixel wide (for most sites), but this closeup will let you see just how "wicked" ("twisted", "perverted", "evil", "weird", "demented", ... etc.) she is. ^^;  Definitely not for everyone.

Shortly after this piece was posted on dA, I started getting a lot of views, comments, and faves.  Turns out that it ended up showing up on their front page, generating clicks by random members who usually don't come across my pieces.  It ended up working just like the Daily Deviation shenanigan -- loads of traffic and lots of nice comments.  What a lovely way to start February! :D  Over 16,000 views and over 2,700 notifications in the inbox since yesterday.   (People love dark stuff... XD )


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