"Secret Kisses" Rough Sketch

Got working on the current monthly theme for the Enchanted Visions, "Secret Kisses", which I believe was inspired by the Valentine's Day coming up on February the14th.  I already had an idea for this theme before I worked on "Pink Ribbon Mermaid", but alas, I cannot do two sweet things in a row, apparently. XD  The second scribble sketch shifted a bit to the dark side and third one went a little morbid.  This here is the third one, where a mermaid is about to French kiss a skull of a dead... who knows... human lover, prince, handsome pirate (Johnny Depp)?  This is so far off course from my original idea it's funny.

I originally had an idea of a kitten putting its nose up against a goldfish bowl where a colorful goldfish mermaid (What would you call that?  Freshwatermaid?  Pondmaid? XD) was giving him a sweet kiss from inside the bowl.  That would have been cute, sweet, and innocent. ^^  I can certainly paint those things and it's not painful or anything usually.   However, coming from just finishing a spectacularly PINK mermaid, whose shades of pink reminded me of bubble gum and cotton candy (and a touch ... just a touch of Pepto Bismol and Sailor Moon... *facepalm*) the whole time I worked on her, another cute picture seems to overload my brain and it wants something on the dark side.   I already have another mermaid (Yet another one!) kind of knocking on the back door to my brain right now and she's "family-friendly".  So, this is weird.  I don't paint mermaids all that often and yet, I'm about to start on my third one in a month with one more planned afterwards.  And I do have an art trade planned for a pink mermaid that I need to get done soon as well.  Everything is coming up mermaids.  Why...? ^^;


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