Blown Away

This is a tag made by a tagger from Finland, Carita Marvia, using my tube“Steampunk Dark Angel” from PSP Tube Stop.  This is an 8-layer tube that comes with the angel and the mechanical bits and pieces.  This amazing tag by Carita is actually animated with moving gears and sparkles — you can visit her blog by clicking on her name above and see the original animated tag.  I just LOVE what she did with my dark angel and after repeatedly posting links to her blogs and pics on my facebook pages, I still am so thrilled I can’t stop bragging and blogging about it. XD
   I told her that I love this tag and I am so grateful for her awesome work and that she made my weekend with this tag. ^^  I’m simply blown away.  This is the kind of tag that makes a fantasy artist so happy that she ever signed to license her artwork in tube format. *love*


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