Pencil Rough for "Unless"

Looking at the "Steampunk Dark Angel" gave this the touch of steampunk that it didn't have in the original concept.  I had the girl with a "My Twinn"-like lookalike doll with a minor defect in my mind.  "You can't be quite like me... unless we can fix that eye...(which I broke...)"  I like things that are a little bit creepy like that. :D

The Enchanted Visions' March 2012 theme was "Unless".  I'm already late for it, but with a touch of steampunk, I am feeling a little more motivated than before.  The window behind the girl will have a skyline of a city with a dirigible or two in the distance.   I haven't really worked out the background details of the attic, and I'm still undecided on the steampunk kitty (Although I think he's just adorable... XD ).


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