Easter Theme Scrapkit Now Available

A brand new digital scrapkit for Easter has been released from PSP Tube Stop.  This is the third collaborative project the artists from PSP Tube Stop have worked on.  We started with the Valentine's Day scrapkit and recently released the St. Patrick's Day kit as well.  It's a fun side project for many of the artists, including myself.

The artists who contributed to this scrapkit are:
* Constanza Ehrenhaus
* Joanna Bromley
* Kim Turner
* Jenny Heidewald
* Lisa Cree
* and yours truly :)

"Easter Eggstravaganza" scrapkit comes with 100 elements, 13 backgrounds, 8 frames, and 2 animations, for a total count of 123 items for a low price of $2.50.  Of these, 58 elements, 12 backgrounds, and 3 frames are   done by me.  There are flowers like lilacs and lilies, Easter baskets, ribbons, colorful eggs, fluffy chicks, and cuddly bunnies.  I had fun drawing and painting small bits for this project.  It always gives me a nice break from the major commitment of larger pieces (Wait.... Does this make me sound like I have a commitment phobia...? XD).

I'll be making a tag using elements from this scrapkit later today to share here soon. ^^  If you're interested in digital scrapbooking or tag making, please check out the PSP Tube Stop's facebook group page where new tubes and member creations are regularly posted.

* I just recently changed the background of my web site and all related sites, including this blog.  Spring is in the air. ^_^


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