"Unless" Line WIP

I usually don't post a WIP while working on inking, but it's been days while I took a break from working on this piece and I just got talked into making a tumblr account as well, so I thought I'd post this here, too.  It gives a pretty good idea of what my pencil rough looks like (Pretty rough and sketchy, for sure.) while I work on the cleaning/inking of a piece, I think.

I'm still in the middle of inking and cleaning the pencil rough of "Unless".  Drawing a girl with a look-alike doll is like drawing two people -- especially when they have matching outfits of elaborate frilly Victorian dress. XD   I still have the rest of the doll's dress, the girl's hair, face, and her dress, plus the entire background that includes a half-circle window with some ornate ironwork detail and the steampunk skyline beyond.  This is going to be fun to color for sure.  I love working in browns and golds! 


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