WIP (partial) of "La Fée Verte"

A partial view of the work-in-progress shot of "La Fée Verte".  I still have the Alstroemeria flowers to color, and then the figure's skin and facial features.  Then more shadows and highlights (repeat as necessary).  This piece is all about different shades of green.  XD  I'm starting to introduce some hints of pinks here and there in the flowers and there will be possibly magenta or purple thrown in on the Alstroemeria blossoms.  This one reminds me of my "La Sylphide" piece where the background was a profusion of blooms -- that one had browns and golds and I was able to sit with it for many hours at a time, but not so with this one.  There's something "toxic" about the glowing green.  I can't seem to work on this any more than an hour or so at a time, which is so much less productive than my normal...  ^^;


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