Second Tag Using "Easter Eggstravaganza" Collabkit

When I made the first tag using the elements from "Easter Eggstravaganza", there were tings I wanted to try, but couldn't squeeze in without making it look like a digital scrapbooking mess, so I decided to go ahead and make another tag altogether.  This was the other idea I wanted to try, using the "running away bunny" (better known as "bunny butt") -- which seems to be a very popular element judging from what's being posted by the people using this collabkit.  The chicks seem to be in on the action, keeping a watch to make sure nobody is coming. ^_^

I rotated the basket enough to make it look like the bunny had flipped it over and spilled the eggs (and possibly eaten some candy that was in there XD).  I used fewer elements this time -- 1 background,  1 frame (used like an element), and 12 separate elements.  Everything except for the rainbow was done by me, so the look of this tag is consistent throughout.

Once again, if you like to make tags using this kit, it's available at the PSP Tube Stop for only $2.50 and it comes loaded with 100 elements, 13 backgrounds, 8 frames, and 2 animations.  Holiday-themed scrapkits are nice in the way you can use them year after year.


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