"La Fée Verte" Complete

"La Fée Verte" is historically a name given to Absinthe.  This is a piece done as a kiriban for a friend on deviantART who caught my homepage's 100,000th pageview.  I usually ask for the flower and color scheme of choice for the gift art request.  In the past, I've done pansy, wisteria, and white roses.  This time, I was requested for lime green and black for the color scheme and any number of flowers that happen in these colors.  The combination of lime green and black immediately conjured up Absinthe in my mind, and the idea for this piece was born.  For the general design, I went with my doodle style and filled most of the space with flowers.  The fairy just kind of showed up and posed on the roses.  For some reason, I never could work on this piece for longer than an hour at a time during the coloring phase -- sometimes only for half an hour or less even.  So this work progressed rather slowly, and that is the reason for no blog posts between March 2nd and now.  I was also participating in a collaborative project for PSP Tube Stop with their Easter Scrapkit.  Sometimes little projects that don't demand a lot of time and focus can be a wonderful break from making major commitment in time in the middle of multitude of things going on.  I wasn't planning on making many contributions for the joint project this time around, but ended up making a lot of elements for it -- I guess I like drawing cuddly bunnies, fluffy chicks, and ...flowers. XD

Closeup view of "La Fée Verte"

This piece has one of my favorite flowers -- Alstroemeria (meanings in the language of flowers: wealth, prosperity, good fortune).  They come in wide variety of colors, but the best thing about them has to be how long they last in a vase without any special treatment (2 to 3 weeks).  I put the white ones, which has a lot of green, and purple ones to give our eyes a bit of a break from all that green. ^^;


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