An Easter Greetings Tag

This is what I like to call "When Artists AtTAG" (When fantasy artists attempt to make tags... I know, bad pun, but I couldn't resist.).  With each release of the collaborative scrapkit, the PSP Tube Stop artists are encouraged to try their hands at making tags to see what we come up with and get a good laugh at our creations.  After all, I, for one, am neither aware of nor versed in all the tricks Paint Shop Pro software has to offer (although I use it practically every day for completely different purpose), so it's probably clumsy and very time-consuming... I guess (I should probably speak for myself...).

I made the original copy to have a transparent background with no text whatsoever for personal use later on, but this one for sharing on my blog and elsewhere on the web, I added "Happy Easter" and the little information about the scrapkit and the URL of PSP Tube Stop for those who might be interested in purchasing this kit.  It costs only $2.50 and you get a total of 123 elements -- way more than I could use in a single tag, that's for sure. ^^  You can buy it here.

Here, I used 2 backgrounds, 1 frame, 21 elements total for this project of mine.  If anything, I had to watch myself to make sure I wasn't going overboard wanting to use too many things in one little tag. XD  Since many of the elements come in multiple colors, it's easy to get carried away.  Especially, the pastel bunnies in pink, peach, blue, and lavender were hard to resist!  And there's hind shot of a bunny running away, which is also super cute.  Speaking of which, Beverly Herr has made me a wonderful tag featuring it titled, "He Watches Easter Unfold".  You can visit her blog here.  Thank you, Beverly, for an adorable tag. ^_^


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